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Hello, Me.


Sometimes you can be so afraid of making the wrong decision that you never to commit to anything. I caught myself doing this with a pair of jeans. They were white and fit nice, but I couldn’t decide if I wanted to bring them on my trip to LA. I must of packed a dozen or more outfits that never saw daylight!

I had waited all year for this mini break, a getaway, a fun time. Then, on the flight I kept thinking about things and my head started to hurt. It was then that I realize you can’t take a vacation from yourself. This whole time I just thought I could erase my mind and just have fun. I did have moments of fun here and there. Memories of the past flashed and peoples faces I no longer see. They had all moved on…Yet I was still here looking for the good time. Later it found me!


LA Girls are Casual Cute

LA Girls are Casual Cute

2013. Really or Reality


2013, it is even hard to type it let alone say it!

This is where people are like, “Where did the time go?”

I know were it went same as last year and the year before! Jan 1 you are fresh-faced and excited thinking that this New Year will be better and bigger than ever!

I am tired of make believe…I am tired of lies, broken promises, the feeling that I have been cheated out of something, thinking that I still have plenty of time only to find myself sitting at the bar doing the NYE Countdown yet again!

This year I want to be clean of the past completely! I want to forgive myself for not living up to my own expectations, for not being the stick figure model that hates food, for forgetting that I have a voice, for reminding myself that I make choices without consequences, to wipe away any regret and disappointment I have towards myself.  I want to be that fresh-faced Bambi girl who still believes in love no matter what the cost, the girl who feels beautiful even at her worst, the one that looks put together even  when she is falling apart. So here’s how I am going to take this on:

I will look at 2013 with those eyes and I will have new experiences and I will fall in love with myself like it is the very first time!

It all starts with me, I have to go back to the basics of what makes me happy and find the core of the strength I once knew.

Clothing has always played a huge role in my life, from a size 6 to 16 the affair has gone on for years.

It is time to stop hiding behind fashion and embrace it. Get rid of the weak, the trends, the fads, the unflattering, anything that has a memory attached that brings me down. THROW in a pile and donate them!

I will shop in my own closet, build themes and 15 piece wardrobes.

Resort wear

City wear



Date Night

The 15 piece wardrobe should fit in a small travel bag ready to go to Vegas in a flash!

Once I get this done I will work on some of the personal things:

Liking the person in the mirror

being the friend I want to have

Making time for the moments and not letting them just pass by

Saying YES to an Adventure

Risking my heart to find someone who wants to love me back

Finding my style, grace, and confidence.

Are you going to wish me luck or be a Bambi too and  join me on this journey! It’s going to be a roller coaster so strap in and smile at the camera!




Looking for Love

Looking for Love

Heart sweater

Mink Pink printed shirt

Maison Scotch short sleeve print shirt
$72 –

River Island knit sweater
$64 –