Monthly Archives: August 2012

The closet


I have moved a lot since my last relationships and have moved the boxes of the past along with me. I figured if they were in a tubbie or box I could deal with it later, just like the extra pounds I gained. I finally got some courage and started unpacking my mess of a past from fashion train wrecks to pieces of the girl I used to be when I was in these relationships.

Just a little background, I have always had my own style good or bad. I never really cared in school if I was a fashionista or not. I once wore a solid purple outfit to work and was called Barney. As soon as I got home that outfit was in the goodwill pile and never to be near me again. Although the coworker who said it apologized and said he didn’t mean for me to feel bad. Well I still haven’t forgotten and it has been many many years and I have still not worn a single thing purple, thanks Larry for sharing your thoughts! on that glorious work day! Which now brings me to my current Boyfriend and the fact that he hated my outfit I wore to the fair. So now instead of having a wonderful memory of our first fair, I will remember he said I looked like Big Bird. It doesn’t matter that the shirt was neon orange and Big Bird is freaking yellow! I wore the shirt one more time without him and just to continue the joke I put an orange boa around my head just to see if I did look like Big Bird. I saw the pictures and in it I saw my shadow. That’s when I thought, yep he was right, Then I thought to myself I am not fat my shadow is,,,,

 Update… I broke up with that guy because you can’t asked for more and give less.